Intuitive Manual Therapy

Relieve physical pain, increase mobility & flexibility or ease chronic conditions (i.e. migraines, sciatica, joint inflammation, back issues, etc.) using hands on techniques designed to be pain-free. Most clients see improvement in stability, range of motion and posture with just 1 session.

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Integrative Energy Medicine

Energy is the invisible foundation of our physical being and our health. Energy healing, which has been around for centuries, describes any form of healing that works with the energy centers and channels of the body to rebalance, restore, and remove energetic blockages.

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Healing Crystals & Products

ANY tools used in sessions are available to assist you with your journey. Energetic clearing products (e.g. Palo Santo, Selenite, Sage); Handmade jewelry with authentic stones or Crystals can be crafted into custom prayer malas (necklace or bracelets), wire wrapped clusters and more.

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Group Classes + Additional Services

We also offer yoga classes (1-on-1, small groups, and weekly scheduled classes).  We have opened our very own Boutique Fitness studio in South Fulton located at

5819 Campbellton Road

Suite 108

Atlanta, GA 30331

to provide additional support for maintaining whole person well-being from the inside out. We are committed to finding more ways of reaching out to our community and being a sacred space to help grow your commitment to invest in your best self!  Find a class that works for you, schedule with one of our Intuitive Bodyworkers, find more products created with healing intention from local sources. Click the button below and checkout our Studio Website for more details:

More to Know

We often recommend stretching and other self-care tips to our clients.  We offer medical grade Near and Far Infrared Light therapy, Aromatherapy, and specialty bodywork applications when requested/required to facilitate the healing/recovery process.

***Disclaimer - not all exercises and stretches are safe and appropriate for everyone. Please consult your health care provider before starting a new routine.***

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