Fascial & Soft-Stretch Release Technique Therapies

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a neuromyofascial manual therapy method which focuses on the connective tissue system (fascia) rather than isolated muscle treatment. Therapists assess active, passive, and resisted range of motion in functional positions and movements.

  • FST manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns, and re-organizes your fascia.
  • FST can eliminate painful trigger points.
  • Expand or compress joint space for increased range of motion.
  • Improve muscle activation and relaxation.
  • Reduce injuries & improve sports performance.
  • Improve posture and functional ability.
  • Relieve chronic pain.

Soft-Stretch Release Technique (SRT) is a unique approach to neuromyofascial release and unwinding tissue with a completely gentle, soft, and non-aggressive application. With SRT, the Philosophy is simple, "Hugging Helps Heal" which means that we strive to physically support the body, limbs, and head as much as possible. Therefore, healing is approached from both ends of the spectrum involving emotional and energetic connection with physical. "Hugging" the system generates these positive emotions, thus allowing the physical body to respond and then allowing us to guide the body into new ranges of motion, clear nagging restrictions, improve mobility and flexibility, release emotional energy, and more.

Neurovascular Release Technique

This is an integrative approach to improving structural and functional balance, Neurovascular Release (NVR) provides a bridge between the deeper touch of traditional myofascial bodywork and the lighter touch associated with osteopathic and craniosacral work. Our intelligent neuromotor system is always protecting the structures it perceives as vulnerable (arteries to the brain are on the top of the list of structures that it protects). This is true all over the body–so many functional issues are blamed on the muscles, or the myofascia, or fascially trapped nerves; but often someone’s movement limitation or fascial “stiffness” is due to tension in the artery network.

This neural approach to Structural Integration is gentle and therefore is especially helpful for working with people who have nervous system disorders (for example, fibromyalgia or MS) or other kinds of nerve sensitivity. It is possible to do important release work without “lighting up” the whole nervous system. For people who prefer deeper work, a neural approach simply makes the deeper fascial work much more effective and far less painful to receive. 
Common issues that can be addressed through a neural approach to Structural Integration (NVR):
  • Range of motion issues
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Numbness in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Back pain or SI joint pain
  • Chronic hamstring tightness and/or cramping
  • Knee problems and foot pain
  • Low-back pain or sacral pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain patterns
  • Some kinds of migraine headaches
  • Scoliosis

Neurovascular holds are used and taught with hand-outs to rebalance energy and calm feelings of being overwhelmed, frightened, fearful and angry. They are useful and quick techniques which can be done anywhere and empower clients to manage emotional stress and increase hormonal balance.

Natural Pain Relief with Reflexology, Acupressure & Electro-Acupuncture (no needles)

When indicated, part of the session may include acupressure or reflexology on the hands or feet to relieve pain, speed healing and change energy flow. Basic techniques are also taught.


Acupressure is a technique which applies pressure to key energy points connected to organs, glands, systems and emotions. It is useful to stimulate healing, relieve pain, and redirect subtle energy of the body. Acupressure points for pain relief are taught to clients to help them manage pain naturally.


Electro-acupuncture is the application of a low energy pulse which stimulates energy points connected to organs, glands, systems and emotions. It can be applied to the hand, foot or ear to stimulate the flow of qi (life energy).  It is useful to clear stagnant energy in meridians and enhance the healing process.


Reflexology is massage of the hands and feet to stimulate nerve endings connected to organs and systems. Reflexology stimulates healing and detoxification. Techniques are also taught to clients so they can maintain wellness.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

Releases tension deep within the body to relieve pain and disfunction, while allowing the entire body to relax and self-correct. CST naturally eliminates pain and stress, strengthens your resistance to disease, and enhances your overall health and well-being. CST is gentle, non-invasive, effective, and transformational on many levels.

Every day you endure stresses and strains that your body absorbs. Your body can only handle so much tension, before the tissues begin to tighten and potentially affect the brain and spinal cord. Unfortunately, this can compromise the function of the central nervous system and the performance of nearly every other system in your body. By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, you improve your whole-body health and performance.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

This is a light touch manual therapy that works with the water of the body. Using distinctive advanced LDT techniques enable me to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymphatic flow. As a result, I can achieve profound, more precise outcomes, in shorter periods of time. For the client, the process is very relaxing and induces deep states of relaxation. Below are just some of the conditions that LDT helps with:

  • Fascia Release
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fluid Retention
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities
  • Full Body Detoxification
  • Headaches
  • Immune System Stimulation
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines

Because LDT is the bodies ultimate detoxification, I always advise that the client drink plenty of water throughout the day following the LDT session. This helps too rapidly flush out the accumulated toxins that were drained during the LDT session, so that you can feel your best!